Cosy Café Lotti

Dear Münchener: we can try to deny it, to refuse it, to escape from it… but yes, winter is finally here. For those who like to enjoy a nice breakfast in a warm cosy café, we would like to invite you to discover a lovely, charming place: Café Lotti. A perfect start to a cold Sunday!

Max-Pett, Vegan Restaurant in Munich

The Oktoberfest is now over (hurray??), meaning it's time to get back to some of the healthier resolutions that we probably all took on January 1st, but gently left home for those 17 days of chaos. We're going to Isarvorstadt/Ludwigsvorstadt, to "Max-Pett" on the advice of Marie-Louise, one of our kind readers, who recommended "not to be put off by the fact that it's vegan, it is more delicious than most of Munichs' other restaurants." I wouldn't say we're huge vegan fans so to speak (we love meat way too much) but we do like good food so we gave it a shot, and the result was very surprising indeed. Full report below the fold...

Bistro Rive Gauche, French Delicacies in Glockenbach (oh la la!)

Padam padam padaaaam… Paris and its charms: the Seine, the little bistros, the Eiffel Tower, the fashion and most of all the French Cuisine! Rive Gauche, literally "Southern Bank", takes its name after... wait for it... the Southern Bank of the French capital city. Your dear hosts who also happen to be French, always enjoy finding French restaurants in Munich, to remind us of our beloved roots. At Rive Gauche, not only is the food French, but the owners Smina and Arnaud as well! So is Rive Gauche yet another restaurant trying to surf on the French Cuisine wave but not delivering? Let's find out...

NEW OPENING: Merlins, Wine and Bocconcino

Another day, another opening! This time we're going South, to our lovely Italian neighbours... Merlins Vino e Bocconcino will open their doors on September 8th (their opening party is invitation only though). On the menu, typical Italian delicacies: Bocconcini, Tramezzini, Piadinas, Bruschettas, Cheese plates and Salads - accompanied with what seems to be a pretty good carte of wines.

NEW OPENING: Frogis Frozen Yogurt Eis + Opening Party

No, Frogis doesn't sell grilled frog legs (the name can be confusing indeed) - Frogis offers instead frozen yogurt for the dreamers among us, or so does their website say :) at prices that seem very attractive: 100g yogurt plus toppings (as many as you want from a selection of 40 different kinds) for 1,80EUR only.

NEW OPENING: Bubble T Store

The most fashionable tea of the moment? The Bubble Tea! Also called Pearl Milk Tea, this new drink originally coming from Taiwan is made with a tea base mixed with fruit, milk and tapioca pearls - and it is becoming a real trendy drink! Still didn’t try it? Just run to the new Bubble T Store at Rindermarkt which opened its doors in July, and discover this incredible flavor!