There are tons of international restaurants in Munich sometimes offering true specialities from their respective countries but at times also some poor imitations… How do you usually make the difference? Well one of the things we’ve all heard once (and certainly considered as valuable information) is something around the lines of “this Japanese place is really good, plus it’s always full of Japanese people!”

We definitely think this is useful information and would like to share with you in our new category Melting Pot, where expats from all around the world go in Munich to have food from home. Today we start with Italy… We hope you find it useful!

Hi to all the readers!

My name is Gabriele Morelli, I was born in Florence and have been living in Munich for about 6 years now. As you may well understand by my origins, I am a food lover. In Italy food is culture, and being away from my mother country, makes me miss it a lot. I love trying out food from the most remote countries, also because I can’t cook it myself at home, but I think nothing beats a good wooden oven pizza.

This is a very delicate subject for an italian : some of us like it with a thick dough, some others like it thin, depending also from the region where you are born. I personally like both as long as it is cooked in a wooden oven and the mozzarella is of a good quality, and if you never tried it before, mozzarella di bufala is a must.

Unless you have a wooden oven at home, this is a tasty bite that you can’t make yourself. But if you live in Munich, the solution I am suggesting is that you visit Pizzeria Nero in Rumfordstr. 34. It’s an open-space modern-looking, yet traditional restaurant when it comes to ingredients. I think the prices are very reasonable and the service is fast and likable! And the pizzas…. YUM!


Finding Pizzeria Nero:

Facebook Page:

Rumfordstraße 34
80469 Munich

Tel: 089 2101 9060

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