Munich is full of restaurants where the infamous Wiener Schnitzel can be eaten. This traditional dish originally from Austria is one of the classic dishes of Bavaria too. We were wondering where to find the biggest Schnitzel in town so we went ahead and listed for you what we think are the top 3 biggest Schnitzel, or so called Riesenschnitzel, in Munich.


#3 Königsquelle (Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt)

Königsquelle is a classic from the Glockenbach area. Quite comfortable and far from the typical tourist locations. Number 3 in our list of Munich’s biggest Schnitzel since….. we could actually finish it :)


#2 Steinheil 16 (Maxvorstadt)

Steinheil 16 serves massive Schnitzels: we couldn’t finish it this time round. You can choose to have your Schnitzel served with fries or potato wedges. The atmosphere is rather authentic and rough. Number 2 in our list of Munich’s biggest Schnitzel.

#1 Café Mozart (Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt)

In our eyes, Café Mozart has by far the biggest Schnitzel in Munich. It is so massive that the potatoes are completely hidden by the meat. The location is also very welcoming and they have some pretty awesome breakfasts too. Only for hardcore and hungry people (you’ve been warned!)…


Where did *you* get your biggest Schnitzel ever in Munich?

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