Have you ever tried Israeli Cuisine (Hummus or Falafel doesn’t count!)? Well we didn’t before going to Schmock. “Schmock” in Yiddish has a rather pejorative connotation and is defined as someone “stupid or foolish”. Since we got many emails from readers telling us to try it out, we thought we’d be complete schmocks for not going…

The location:

For once we decided to get out of our dearest Glockenbachviertel ;) and headed up to Maxvorstadt. Schmock is located in the Augustenstraße 52 – easy to reach with the U2 Königplatz, U1 Stigmaierplatz, or even with the tram 20! Here’s a link to the map.



The atmosphere:

The restaurant is elegant and cosy. Decoration is kept to a minimum with the use of some simple materials like stone walls and wooden furniture. When entering Schmock you’ll already feel the place is more quiet than lively… Nothing close to the famous Rabbi Jacob scene:

We felt Schmock was a rather intimate place where one could bring his or her date for a romantic (not) kosher evening, with the confidence to score a home-run ;-)


The fffoood:

Israeli cuisine stems from various elements of Jewish cuisine says Wikipedia, with some influences of Mediterranean cuisine. With that in mind, diversity is an adjective that comes to mind. Schmock’s daily changing Carte is not extensive but offers more modern view on Israeli cuisine with some insights in the traditional corner.

For starters, we tried the typical Israeli mixed plate: hummus, falafel, freshly prepared salad, taboulé… you name it! A good way to try a bit of everything… We couldn’t wait to get going with the main courses.


The Sour One had a Tuna Tapuzim served on a bed of Avocado and Mango tartar. The Tuna was grilled to perfection: raw on the side yet still low warm. The presentation in the plate was neatly done. I had a “Variation vom Rinderbäckchen an Dlaad-Mousseline”. Thumbs-up from us both!


Service was amazing from the moment we put a foot in the door. Very nice and friendly staff, with good knowledge of the Carte and ready to answer any of your wishes.


From a price perspective, quality has a price! Schmock’s prices range from 12,5 Euros for the starters, and will go up to 35 Euros for the main course.


The verdict:

After paying a visit to Schmock, Gault and Millau (one of France’s most influential restaurants guide) wrote: “Great service, excellent quality and a big portion of Jewish humor!” – and we totally agree with that! The price may be high, but Schmock schmeckt and we think you would be a total Schmock if you didn’t go try it out for yourself!


Finding Schmock:

Homepage: http://www.schmock-muenchen.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/64318990912/

Augustenstr. 52 (map)
80333 München


Tel: 089 5235 0535

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 18:00 til 1:00

Schmock: Schmeckt!
83%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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