Gartensalon, in the Amalienpassage, is tucked away from the usual Munich scenery and is truly a secret garden in the heart of the city.


Eggs are the jewels in any breakfast crown. At Gartensalon they know this well and cater amply for the prodigious egg lover. Rich yellow scrambled [free range] eggs on dense bread with your choice of pimp-your-egg combinations served outside among the flowers are a heavenly way to enjoy the emergent Spring and Summer in Munich. Imagine sitting on a cushioned log, bathed in sunlight, surrounded by homely food, friends and foliage and you’ve pictured it just right!


The best friends of the egg at breakfast are the Gartensalon’s wide range of fresh orange juice, rustic lemonades and strong coffees. The drinks at Gartensalon are prepared by a separate, dedicated station of smiling barristas who are happy to match a drink to your mood and recommend the perfect slice of cake for your coffee taste.


The food is simple, inexpensive and so you should order a range of things to try. We picked the müsli, croissants, most of the egg options (with chili is delicious but not for the timid!), and a variety of breads laden with creamy goodies. Our table was groaning and everything on it was pleasant to say least. The real highlight, however, was that we could mix and match our food and hang out in a informal and relaxed garden!


The cute hand drawn menu (decorated with pugs!) is the first clue you get that Gartensalon is a shabby-chic kind of café to be enjoyed for its homely décor as much as for the food. With the walls covered in purchasable artisan and humorous postcards and pieces, it feels like a cooperative, collective and community hub providing simple but very delicious food and drink for Munich sun-lovers.


Gartensalon’s garden-party, outdoor-picnic, buffet style makes you feel welcome and laid back. And with plenty of things available inside that are not on the menu, such as a wide selection of cakes, speaks of daily freshness.


The food and atmosphere definitely lubricated our social breakfast with friends. We hope this secret garden in central Munich will not remain so secret any longer! Spread the word! And we look forward to going back for some of their program of evening entertainment (check their website)…and more of the eggs, please!


Finding Garten Salon:


Türkenstraße 90
80799 München (map)

Phone: 089 2877 8604

Opening hours:
Tue. – Sat. 09:00 – 19:00
Sun. 10:00 – 17:00
Mon. Closed

Gartensalon: Your Secret Garden
82%Overall Score
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