I‘m no expert when it comes to speeches… So I shall be short.


…to fffoood.com (yes with 3 “F” and 3 “O”), probably the only blog in Munich which reviews restaurants, cafés and other food places, the way we do it. Our motto is straight forward: discover new places, take beautiful photos of the location and of what was in our plates and then write about it so you can decide to have it as well (or not) :)

We love eating, we love beautiful things, and hopefully we’ll manage to share all that in the way we write. By the way: we are no native English speakers so our grammar might be a little rusty, apologies in advance for that…

Finding places

We try to categorize places we try out (hard task let me tell you) by a few criteria: the type of place, when you should go there, the price and finally the location in Munich. You can access all those categories on our categories page (duh!).

Keeping in Touch

If you want to be up-to-date with the latest on fffoood.com – we are on Facebook, on Twitter, on Flickr and for the geekiest of us we have an RSS feed as well. Your choice! :)

You have a tip for us? Check out the Your Tips page. We’ll be very happy to get your suggestions!

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