Are you lucky enough to live, work or study close to Uni? Well you’re about to make a few people very jealous. The first ever restaurant focusing 100% on Cantonese dumplings (i.e. dim sum) in Munich finally opened its doors 3 weeks ago, right on Theresienstraße. We’re not big experts when it comes to Chinese food but we thought Happy Dumplings was really, really good, and here’s why…


The location:

You can find LeDu – Happy Dumplings on Theresienstraße, 5 mins away from U3/U6 Universität.


The food:

Common Chinese dumplings consist of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped in dough and then either steamed or deep fried. They look quite simple really but great things do come in small packages and these little dumplings pack so much taste! The concept at Happy Dumplings is very simple: you choose your dough (you can have it white – made with white flour – or dark – made with wholemeal flour) then choose your filling from mixed pork/beef or chicken and they even have a veggie option. Then decide if you want your dumplings steamed or fried… and get ready to enjoy your dumplings with the sauce of your choice (nuts or soy, homemade) for an explosion of flavours.


Peng, one of the two owners, is adorable and always ready to help his customers.  He advised us to choose the “double green” dumpling (mixed organic minced meat, wild garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce and cabbage) fried. This was by far the best thing we ordered! With a delicious yet delicate filling and a crispy dough, we will definitely order this again.


Still not convinced? The dumplings are completely organic and freshly made every day, right there in front of you. They are served in adorable traditional bamboo containers which make the culinary experience even more authentic. To drink, you can enjoy a selection of Chinese teas or sodas


The atmosphere:

The restaurant is small and cosy, with a modern, uncluttered design. You can feel the Chinese touch with the cute red lamps, lantern origami style (which is originally from Japan, so nevermind ;-)). There are around 6 tables and a couple outside as well, but getting a table outside on a sunny day in Munich is a bit like Dortmund beating FC Bayern München in the Bundesliga… Oh wait…


The prices:

The prices are very fair: you can either choose between 6 dumplings (5€) or 10 dumplings (8€). A true German eater will probably order again after the 10 dumplings though – but also because they are amazing ;) You can enjoy a salad as a side dish as well for 2€ more.


The verdict:

Happy Dumplings in Munich is now by far one of our favorite places to get a quick and nice lunch or for a take-away at home with a movie and a few friends. They’ve just started and they’re very eager to keep on improving and with an amazing first impression, this is one restaurant to keep your eye on. 


Finding Happy Dumplings:


Theresienstraße 18
80333 München (map)

Phone: 089 95 89 84 60

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 10:30 am – 9 pm

Dim sum in Munich? Just head to Happy Dumplings…
82%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (15 Votes)

3 Responses

  1. Mia

    Was ist mit dem Fei Scho? Das gibt’s schon ein paar Jahre und die machen auch vor allem fantastische Dim Sum.

    • The Sour One

      Da hast du recht, Fei Scho macht auch tolle Dim Sum. CHI ist auch bekannt für ziemlich gute Dim Sum :)

  2. Rachel

    I’ve heard so many good things about Happy Dumplings, I really must try them out soon!


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