Haguruma, a Simple Japanese Restaurant

It's time for sushis this week! Seeing how many sushi restaurants there are in Munich, we wanted to write about one that we think is pretty special. A restaurant that stands out from all running sushis, all you can eat or other high-end, loungy and super expensive sushi places. Eating at Haguruma is a real experience: your dinner will be a really good memory for your taste buds... and for your wallet as well!

Café Pini: Italian & Retro in Glockenbachviertel

You don't realize it but we asked ourselves some pretty hard questions when thinking about our next review. Should we write about a good food delivery service? About best teas and anti-flu infusions? About cheap flights to warmer places? In the end we decided to get back to basics vintage, and show you today our latest catch: Café Pini. An intimate spot for laid back and not too demanding people who will be brave enough to go out despite the arctic temperatures!

Win a Dinner for 2 @ Burger House!

Dear readers, we got such an amazing feedback from our post on Burger House that we decided to run a little contest with Burger House that will allow you to win a dinner for 2 at Burger House! Read on if you want to know more and have the possibility to enjoy one of these amazing burgers for free...

Burger House, Simply the Best Burgers in Munich!

Burger House opened its doors only a few days ago, and yet, we feel this restaurant is going to become a hit for any burger aficionado in Munich. Burger House is owned by Nicolas Hegewisch who decided to go its own way after some time learning it the hard way in New York. With the help of his wife, he wants to become a burger reference in Munich, and we think he's on the right way... if not already there!

Café Marais: a Vintage Treasure for Coffee Lovers

Who is not dreaming about going far, far away from Munich with such a bad weather? Probably no one… While waiting for sunnier days and fresh immaculate snow to finally enjoy the winter, we would like to invite you today for a very special trip… back to the 1900’s! Where? In a café definitely not like the others: Café Marais.

Top 3 of Munich’s Biggest Wiener Schnitzel

Munich is full of restaurants where the infamous Wiener Schnitzel can be eaten. This traditional dish originally from Austria is one of the classic dishes of Bavaria too. We were wondering where to find the biggest Schnitzel in town so we went ahead and listed for you what we think are the top 3 biggest Schnitzel, or so called Riesenschnitzel, in Munich.