Gartensalon: Your Secret Garden

Today we're taking you to a charming little garden at the border of Maxvorstadt and Schwabing, a place that will, we are sure, become one of our top spots for brunches on Sunday afternoon... With their magical garden and their charming staff, Gartensalon may bewitch you in less time than you can say "Schmetterling"...

Dim sum in Munich? Just head to Happy Dumplings…

Are you lucky enough to live, work or study close to Uni? Well you're about to make a few people very jealous. The first ever restaurant focusing 100% on Cantonese dumplings (i.e. dim sum) in Munich finally opened its doors 3 weeks ago, right on Theresienstraße. We're not big experts when it comes to Chinese food but we thought Happy Dumplings was really, really good, and here's why...

Bareso: Conscious and Delicious

Eating BIO is not about exclusively adding Soja milk to your coffee, shopping at Basic, growing your own vegetables in your garden on your balcony in your kitchen or stop shaving your arm pits. Well today we’re not going to talk about BIO at all actually… rather about BIO ACTIVE! Ha! You might think that it’s yet another marketing coup. BIO ACTIVE is at the core of the concept that the owners of Bareso are trying to democratize by offering a unique experience to their clients. The menu is crafted every morning, the ingredients chosen carefully and cooked with great care…

Beirut Beirut: Falafel in Love…

It was on a Saturday stroll, during a “Hofflohmarkt” in the streets of Sendling. It was as we looked for multicolor balloons, indicating the presence of a flea market stand, that we stumbled upon a little "imbiss" that immediately drew our attention: a Lebanese specialities take-away that will blow you away by its simplicity and authenticity: Beirut Beirut.

Is there such thing as Canadian food? Ask Sasha!

There are tons of international restaurants in Munich sometimes offering true specialities from their respective countries but at times also some poor imitations… How do you usually make the difference? Well one of the things we’ve all heard once (and certainly considered as valuable information) is something around the lines of “this Japanese place is really good, plus it’s always full of Japanese people!” We definitely think this is useful information and would like to share with you in our new category Melting Pot, where expats from all around the world go in Munich to have food from home. Today it’s Canada's turn… Meet Sasha! We hope you find it useful!

Kreta Grill for a Greek Thrill

Greece may have economical difficulties in Europe, but it’s certainly not the case of Greek restaurants in Munich! Greek restaurants are institutions over here, and no wonder why... Delicious food and fun all night do sound promising after all! Who hasn't ever celebrated a birthday at Paros? Who has never accidentally burnt napkins on candles after too many Ouzos? We ALL went waiting 1 hour at Paros or Molos to enjoy a “Gyros Teller”! And because those 2 restaurants are so famous, we decided to tell you about a small Crete restaurant, that has absolutely nothing to envy from his 2 big brothers: Kreta Grill