Schmock: Schmeckt!

Have you ever tried Israeli Cuisine (Hummus or Falafel doesn’t count!)? Well we didn’t before going to Schmock. “Schmock” in Yiddish has a rather pejorative connotation and is defined as someone “stupid or foolish”. Since we got many emails from readers telling us to try it out, we thought we’d be complete schmocks for not going…

Am Roecklplatz: a Fine Restaurant with Purpose

Take a lovely place in the heart of Munich, take then some talented and motivated young people, add a lot of passion: welcome to Roecklplatz! A restaurant not like the others: “das Ausbildungsrestaurant”. The project? giving a chance to young people to get a gastronomic training and a first hands-on job experience by offering training courses from service to cooking...
86%Mamma mia!

Limoni Ristorante: Fine Italian Cucina with Style

You don’t know what to do with your Christmas bonus? Stop checking out Asos or Topshop for new clothes and allow yourself a real italian gastronomy treat with your +1! Where? In the middle of Munich University district, probably in one of Munich's finest italian restaurant: Limoni Ristorante. An evening you certainly won’t forget and some dishes clearly in competition with your grandma Christmas diner (okay maybe not :))!