It was on a Saturday stroll, during a “Hofflohmarkt” in the streets of Sendling. It was as we looked for multicolor balloons, indicating the presence of a flea market stand, that we stumbled upon a little “imbiss” that immediately drew our attention: a Lebanese specialities take-away that will blow you away by its simplicity and authenticity: Beirut Beirut.


The location:
Sendling is a little bit like the rough diamond of Munich. Only a couple of U-Bahn stations away from Sendlinger Tor this area is perfectly suited to stretch your legs… Beirut Beirut is located in a cute street off the Implerstraße, with trees lined up on the sidewalk which in Summer will allow you to enjoy your food outside, in the shade.



The atmosphere:
With only a couple of tables and chairs, Beirut Beirut feels very cozy. The turquoise walls, the big jars full of pickled vegetables and Lebanese photographs, together with the Lebanese soundtrack and sound of sizzling falafel will make you feel like you are in a popular area of Beirut. The service is also very good: Khudor Lamaa the owner, takes great pride in welcoming every new customer with a smile and the greatest attention.



The food:
Beirut Beirut menu offers traditional hummus, baba ghanoush, tabouleh, fattoush and hummus musabah and of course falafel. Most of these you can have either in a plate or wrapped with affection in pita bread.

The highlight in our opinion is the falafel. At Beirut Beirut the traditional falafel is celebrated, it’s not re-invented. Your falafel, like the other dishes, will be prepared in front of you, without exception.


The dough is also prepared freshly every day, a refreshing thought considering the many deep frozen crap (pardon my French) you get around town.

The falafel sandwich will be mixed with a few slices tomatoes, salad, parsley, and then delicately spiced with sesame sauce: an absolute delicacy. To accompany your falafel, we recommend a traditional yogurt beverage – “Laban” – or a tea if it’s cold outside.


The “baba ghanoush”, a paste made with eggplant, mixed with olive oil and other fine spices is excellently prepared as well. It will be served either on a plate with pita bread and mix of pickled vegetables, or as a sandwich. A real delight!

In terms of prices, they vary between 4EUR and 7EUR per person for a meal (without drinks). A fair price, we think, considering the great experience.



The verdict:
Beirut Beirut is definitely one of our top locations in Munich. Whether it’s after a long day of shopping, on a Saturday morning feeling a tad hungover or even on a date (the “unsexy-post-falafel-fry-up-smell” on your clothes is worth it!!) we feel Beirut Beirut stands out and brings a well needed touch of freshness to the crowded “imbiss” market in Munich. More of that please, thanks.



Finding Beirut Beirut:


81371 München (map)

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 11:30-20:00
Sat: 11:30-18:30
Closed on Sundays

Beirut Beirut: Falafel in Love...
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