Eating BIO is not about exclusively adding Soja milk to your coffee, shopping at Basic, growing your own vegetables in your garden on your balcony in your kitchen or stop shaving your arm pits. Well today we’re not going to talk about BIO at all actually… rather about BIO ACTIVE! Ha! You might think that it’s yet another marketing coup. BIO ACTIVE is at the core of the concept that the owners of Bareso are trying to democratize by offering a unique experience to their clients. The menu is crafted every morning, the ingredients chosen carefully and cooked with great care…



The food:
Annette, the brain behind the concept, has been studying and teaching around food pretty much her entire life. After years of telling the good story, she and her husband decided to act and open their own gig to share the passion of their life to others. Bareso is not an Italian restaurant as the name might suggest it. BA = Bio Active, RE = Regional, S = Seasonal, O = Original… BA-RE-SO! To make it short: everything served is 100% bio, local and homemade. The only thing, which is not homemade, is the cheese and the meat (“Die Wurst”). Bread? Homemade! Muesli? Homemade! Marmelade? Well you get it.


Every breakfast starts with the traditional coffee or tea. At Bareso, your cappuccino will come with a colorful mix of herbs on top (not the magical kind). The mueslis and smoothies are an absolute highlight as well, and will give you the vitamin kick you will need to start your day. The scrambled eggs with herbs were also delicious and real eggs were used (that feels very weird to write) – we were told most restaurants use egg powder (EW!!)


We had the pleasure to meet the cook, Sayed, who previously worked as a food engineer (Ausbildung als Ingenieur der Lebensmitteltechnik) and explored some of the best dishes and ingredients the world’s cultures provides. Its bio-active menu features lunch and dinner as well, which Sayed and Annette update every day depending of what their local suppliers have to offer. It can’t get any cooler than that.


What about the prices – you will ask. And yes, considering the quality of the ingredients and the considerable amount of work which such a cuisine demands, prices are a bit higher than a traditional restaurants.



The atmosphere:
The highlight of the atmosphere is the vegetable garden and the cute little shop attached to the restaurant. Care to try the cola plant? Bareso has its own garden and the owners are growing plants & spices that are then used for their recipes.



The location:
In our opinion the only negative point is that Bareso is very far away from the city center. The good news is that the owners are looking for a new place a bit closer. We’ll let you know if that happens some time soon.



The verdict:
Eating there made us healthily happy. You don’t need to be a “Bio freak” to enjoy Bareso, you only need taste. Add to this a bit of awareness and you will simply love it ;) Everything feels like it’s true and real, and will make you feel great about yourself: you are after all supporting the local economy while giving your body a well deserved break from all the cr*p you might eat on a daily basis. Bareso is a truly meaningful addition to the Bio scene around Munich.



Finding Bareso:


Putzbrunner Straße 13
85521 Ottobrunn (map)

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Bareso: Conscious and Delicious
74%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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