The Hotel Bayerischerhof, one of Munich's high profile hotels, has opened its rooftop again - until most likely March of 2012. The Polar Bar offers an outdoor scene on the rooftop of the Bayrischerhof Hotel. The location offers a great view of Munich's winter landscape, while sipping some Glühwein and other hot Mai Tais - all of this in a very trendy atmosphere and unique design concept from the designers of hansandfranz.

Max-Pett, Vegan Restaurant in Munich

The Oktoberfest is now over (hurray??), meaning it's time to get back to some of the healthier resolutions that we probably all took on January 1st, but gently left home for those 17 days of chaos. We're going to Isarvorstadt/Ludwigsvorstadt, to "Max-Pett" on the advice of Marie-Louise, one of our kind readers, who recommended "not to be put off by the fact that it's vegan, it is more delicious than most of Munichs' other restaurants." I wouldn't say we're huge vegan fans so to speak (we love meat way too much) but we do like good food so we gave it a shot, and the result was very surprising indeed. Full report below the fold...

NEW OPENING: Merlins, Wine and Bocconcino

Another day, another opening! This time we're going South, to our lovely Italian neighbours... Merlins Vino e Bocconcino will open their doors on September 8th (their opening party is invitation only though). On the menu, typical Italian delicacies: Bocconcini, Tramezzini, Piadinas, Bruschettas, Cheese plates and Salads - accompanied with what seems to be a pretty good carte of wines.

Fresh Bagels & Muffins Coffee Shop: Heaven for the American Food Lover

Trying out Fresh Bagels & Muffin Coffee Shop might change your opinion on bagels... Whether in the morning or late-ish at night, Francesco (the owner) is always there, ready to satisfy your hunger with some of those ring-shaped breads and other american delicacies. Francesco Dreyfus opened up his little store in 1996, making him "the first and oldest bagel shop in München". It's said that "with age comes wisdom" - though I am not 100% about this wisdom thing, I can assure you that at least Francesco's bagels recipes only get better... Today Fresh Bagels & Muffins Coffee Shop serves more than 20 different varieties of freshly prepared bagels, hamburgers, muffins and other delicacies, organizes musical events regularly and is a well known meet-up location for Schwabing Tatort lovers... is Better Served Pipping Hot

I'm no expert when it comes to speeches... So I shall be short. Welcome... (yes with 3 "F" and 3 "O"), probably the only blog in Munich which reviews restaurants, cafés and other food places, the way we do it. Our motto is straight forward: discover new places, take beautiful photos of the location and of what was in our plates and then write about it so you can decide to have it as well (or not) :) We love eating, we love beautiful things, and hopefully we'll manage to share all that in the way we write. By the way: we are no native English speakers so our grammar might be a little rusty, apologies in advance for that...