Charlie: Vietnamese for Hipsters (and more)

Good evening Munich! No, Charlie has nothing to do with a chocolate factory. Wait… Don’t leave just yet! Charlie may not offer any Wonka bars and you may not meet any Oompas Loompas in the kitchen, it is worth a visit anyway. Charlie is a trendy Vietnamese restaurant located in the Schyrenstr., on the outskirts of Untergiesing - no need to have a golden ticket to enjoy some Vietnamese goodness!

Itxaso Tapas: Munich’s Very First Basque Tapas Bar

Kaixo! Indeed indeed, today we are going to Spain, no wait... today we are going to the Basque Country (Euskadi in Basque, Pais Vasco in Spanish). Do you know what Pintxos means? No need to call a friend, or to ask the public... Pintxos means Tapas in Basque! And if you want to try them out, you won't have to fly to Bilbao since Itxaso Tapas recently opened in the Glockenbachviertel.

Win a Dinner for 2 @ Burger House!

Dear readers, we got such an amazing feedback from our post on Burger House that we decided to run a little contest with Burger House that will allow you to win a dinner for 2 at Burger House! Read on if you want to know more and have the possibility to enjoy one of these amazing burgers for free...

Café Marais: a Vintage Treasure for Coffee Lovers

Who is not dreaming about going far, far away from Munich with such a bad weather? Probably no one… While waiting for sunnier days and fresh immaculate snow to finally enjoy the winter, we would like to invite you today for a very special trip… back to the 1900’s! Where? In a café definitely not like the others: Café Marais.

Nero Grill is Back in Business

Nero Grill opened its doors again this month! I cannot actually recall how long it was closed for but I am certainly happy that Nero Grill is back in business: though it's not really revolutionizing the concept, what they do, they do it well! Meat from the grill and pizza from the oven... The combination is rather uncommon but hell with it! Check out their menu over here and their opening times over there.