NEW OPENING: Frogis Frozen Yogurt Eis + Opening Party

No, Frogis doesn't sell grilled frog legs (the name can be confusing indeed) - Frogis offers instead frozen yogurt for the dreamers among us, or so does their website say :) at prices that seem very attractive: 100g yogurt plus toppings (as many as you want from a selection of 40 different kinds) for 1,80EUR only.

NEW OPENING: Bubble T Store

The most fashionable tea of the moment? The Bubble Tea! Also called Pearl Milk Tea, this new drink originally coming from Taiwan is made with a tea base mixed with fruit, milk and tapioca pearls - and it is becoming a real trendy drink! Still didn’t try it? Just run to the new Bubble T Store at Rindermarkt which opened its doors in July, and discover this incredible flavor!

Tabula Rasa: Breakfast in Glockenbach

It is Saturday morning, you get up, the weather is good (yes, it can happen even here in Munich!) and the only thing you can think about is... fffoood (What else?!). But where to go for a nice breakfast? Munich doesn’t lack of awesome breakfast locations, but for our first post we decided to write about one of our little favourites: Tabula Rasa in the middle of Glockenbach.