There are tons of international restaurants in Munich sometimes offering true specialities from their respective countries but at times also some poor imitations… How do you usually make the difference? Well one of the things we’ve all heard once (and certainly considered as valuable information) is something around the lines of “this Japanese place is really good, plus it’s always full of Japanese people!”

We definitely think this is useful information and would like to share with you in our new category Melting Pot, where expats from all around the world go in Munich to have food from home. Today it’s India’s turn… Meet Radhika! We hope you find it useful!

1. What’s your name?

Radhika Radhakrishnan

2. Where are you from and how long have been living in Munich?

 Mumbai. Living in Munich since September 2007

3. What do you do in Munich?

 Working in the IT sector

4. What is important for you in a restaurant (good food, good service, great decoration, cheap prices)?

 Of course good and tasty food followed with friendly service…

5. What is your favourite restaurant or café in Munich? Where do you go in Munich to eat food from your home country?

 In general I like Café Ignaz, it’s a small and cozy place. The Taj Mahal or the Dhaba restaurants in Munich. For takeaway, Shaan restaurant .

6. In 3 lines, why do you like it so much and why would you recommend readers to go there? Any specific meal you recommend?

I am from the foodie city of Mumbai, moved to Brighton before settling down in Munich. Being a true mumbaite, I love my street spicy finger licking varities of food…

When I moved to Brighton, I found the food street of the laines satisfying the taste buds. But when I came to Munich I must admit I missed the authentic Indian food. I found it bland and the excessive cream ruined the taste of the spices in most restaurants. We were stuck to my awesome (:-p) culinary skills at home on most days.

Thankfully we stumbled upon a restaurant called “Taj Mahal”, situated in the busy street of Nympherburger Strasse . The staff were pretty friendly, the ambience is great, location is approachable and the food topped all the above. I could finally taste all the traditional spices in my food rather than just extreme chilly or cream. Prices were a bit above average but it is well worth it! I would definitely recommend a visit to experience the food yourself.


Finding Taj Mahal:

Facebook page:

Nymphenburger Straße 145
80636 Munich

Tel: 089 12 00 70 50

Opening Times:

Mon – Sat: AM11:30 til PM2:30 and PM5:30 til AM12:00
Sun: AM11:30 til AM12:00

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