This blog celebrates fffoood in all of its manifestations:

* Looking for a good plan in Munich?
* Tired of fatty sausages and tasteless potatoes?
* Appetite for quality information?
* Too lazy to cook?
* Need inspiration?

Check out our awesome reviews of Munich restaurants, and other places where your taste buds go nuts and eating is an experience! Restaurants, tearooms, cafés, sweet grocery stores, all of Munich’s cool addresses rewieved by insiders in love with food.

You love good fffoood? So do we!

About the Authors:

We are two internationals living since some years in Munich. Our favorite occupation? Eating! We love enjoying a good meal and always discover new cool places in our adopted city. And how cool: the capital of Bavaria is precisely full of those little charming places! But it is not always easy to find them. That’s why we decided to share our experiences with you and write a review about the restaurants we try out. We hope you like it!

And now, a few things about the authors:

SONY DSCMarine aka “The Sweet One”: She loves: fancy breakfasts, comics, pretty terrasses, mozzarella di buffala, vintage stuff, getting on the nerves of the sour one, her awesome job at Stylight.

She hates: Cucumbers, oysters, too much salt on the bretzel


SONY DSCNathan aka “The Sour One”: He loves: photography, the number 42, a cheese plate with bread and a glass of red wine (with a touch of sun), and getting annoyed by the sweet one.

He hates: sitting in traffic jams, beetroots, bad service, taking the last leaf of toilet paper

Camera: Sony A99 with Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 objectiv